Since its foundation in 2007 our company has quickly become a respected operator on the Romanian tank truck transport market.

We are acknowledged for the speed and safety of our transport services, thanks to our specialized personnel who have extensive experience in the international road transport of bulk goods.

Both our Romanian and foreign customers and partners from various economic sectors: manufacturing, trade – appreciate our professionalism, flexibility and our ability to identify optimal solutions for bulk transport, proper to their requirements and needs.

Whether you need transport in Romania, in Eastern Europe or to the farthest corner of Europe, MC TRANS, through its young, but highly trained and experienced team, guarantees quality services, performed efficiently, at competitive prices and adapted to the developing economy.

The value of transport operations carried out by our company has increased exponentially in time, in the same rhythm as the confidence of the clients who recommend us.

In 2020 our company carried out transport operations over 5,9 million EUR, all contracts being fulfilled on time and in accordance with the terms signed with the customers. This significant amount of transport operation is the guarantee for the quality services that our company can provide.


MC TRANS can transport your loads throughout Europe as a full, provider-customer service, carrying out all the loading-unloading operations by providing, compressors, pumps-couplings – hose, in the two points which are adapted to the transported goods and to the loading/ unloading equipment.

All our tanks are insulated and, in addition, we also own tanks equipped with their own heating system which guarantees the integrity of your products as well as maintaining them at technological temperatures during transport.

We also provide warehousing services in fixed tanks, with the possibility of renting tanks in stationary mode for a determined period of time. We bear the maintenance and tire-related costs. The rental is a fixed monthly fee, without any other hidden charges.

The reasons to choose renting a tank can be as follows:

  • a temporary or seasonal increase in your process flow,
  • unpredicted situations, such as car accidents or damage to one’s own tanks
  • or starting a new activity which requires storage of liquids.

MC Trans is licensed by the Romanian Road Transport Authority (ARR) for Domestic and International freight transport- License Series LTM no. 0160497.

We also own the following certificates: ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 9001.

We operate under CMR insurance (Damage/Theft) in the amount of 25.000 € / shipment. Upon request, in special cases, when the transported goods are of a higher value, the amount of insurance can be increased up to 50.000 € / shipment.

We provide transport services all over Europe, regardless of direction or EU loading/unloading point, at the negotiated rate per km or price per transport determined by permanent contract or by on-the-spot negotiation.


The Mercedes-Benz trucks purchased by our company meet the EURO 5 /EURO 6 and ADR requirements, having low emissions of toxic fumes and being equipped with compressor for loading/unloading.

Our fleet consists of 32 isolated tank trucks with one or more compartments, with the possibility of loading one or 6 different types of products in the same tank truck. The volume of the tanks varies between 22.500 – 54.000 litres.

The tanks used for transportation are made of L4BH-type stainless steel, specialized for transportation of chemical products, also having the possibility of ecological loading (bottom loading with gas-recovery system).

They are approved for ADR transportation and were made in 2007 and afterwards, including the year 2021.

Our fleet is constantly changing and continuously adapting to the needs of our customers. The truck equipment complies with the latest technology through which we guarantee and maintain the quality of your goods.

All drivers use GSM communications and GPS devices for navigation. All our trucks are equipped with advanced TAVL satellite monitoring systems that provide cargo tracking across Europe, in real time.



Tel. /Fax: 004-0265-265.529
Mobile: 004-0740-115.820


Tax identification no.: RO 21050206
Trade Register reg. no.: J-26-245-2007
Mailing address: Str. Barajului nr. 10
540191 Tg-Mures, Romania